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       In this hot summer, the company organized an expansion tour of Qiandao Lake from August 1 to 2, 2021.

       The event is a 2-day tour with 20 participants. On the morning of the first day, I visited Daqi mountain, which is known as "the first famous mountain in the south of the Yangtze River". There are mountains, strange rocks and waterfalls in the territory. It is famous for being male, dangerous, strange, beautiful and open, and enjoyed the beauty and Magic of nature.

       In the afternoon, I visited Tonglu Yaolin fairyland, which is known as the "Top 40 tourist attractions in China". It is known as "the top of all caves in China" for its tortuous cave landform and magnificent skirt stone landscape.

       The next day, I visited Qiandao Lake scenic spot and arrived at Meifeng island. The scenery along the way was excellent. I could personally experience the artistic conception of green mountains, green waters and golden belt.

       Then Yule island is an ideal place for physical and mental pleasure and leisure. Finally, I went to Longshan island. The folk song "Tongqiao, Tiejing, XIAOJINSHAN, Shixia academy, living Longshan" is here.

       This activity released the pressure of the team in the activity, strengthened communication and communication, improved cohesion and unity, made everyone relax better after intense work, and made employees fully realize the richness of corporate culture and their sense of belonging.